So Much Left To Do

What I only have three weeks left in Rwanda?!?!

I definitely still have days where I feel like I have been here forever. Actually, I always feel like I have been here forever. I feel like I live in Rwanda now and I really like it. What I meant to say was that I still have days where I miss my friends and cannot wait to get back to them. My other days I realize that I hardly have any time left here and worry that I will miss doing something incredible and then regret it when I am 8,500 miles away.

We have about a week and a half left in Kigali. Then we go as a group with our program to Kibuye for our program evaluation. Kibuye is on the lake and is famous for all of the gorgeous islands around it. I think we will spend the 22nd through the 25th there. Afterwards we will return to Kigali for our last five nights.

Having such limited time left I decided to make a list of what I still really want to do here in the hopes that I can look back at this blog entry some day and be proud of myself.

Get my hair braided
Get all of my fabric made into clothing
Climb Mt. Kigali
Visit Akagera National Park to see giraffes & zebras (I’m doing this one this weekend!)
Visit Nyungwe National Forest and go on a canopy walk
Learn how to make chapatti
Get a picture with my homestay family
Buy more gifts for my friends & family back home
Eat Pakistani food
Eat Indian food
Learn some Arabic
Learn some Urdu
Visit the Kimironko market
Learn more about coffee
Write my final paper…..I don’t actually want to do this one but I kind of have to

Okay so there are not quite as many items on my to do list as I thought. Hopefully I will get these all done in the next couple of weeks!

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