Day 1 in Rwanda!

I have officially been in Rwanda for about nine hours now. At least I think I have been…my sense of time is definitely out of whack. It is 5:33am here and I am obviously not sleeping, thank you air travel.

The flights were not terrible. However,two eight hour flights back to back is definitely not something I would like to do again. I flew from Austin to Chicago, Chicago to Brussels and Brussels to Kigali. Flight #1 took off a bit late so I thought I was going to miss flight #2. Flight #2 ended up being delayed an hour and 45 minutes which was longer that the anticipated hour and a half layover in Brussels. They ended up holding the flight for us to make sure we got on so the hour and a half break from flying was more like a seven minute jog. I did make a friend on my second flight though which was really nice because I had someone to talk to.

Rwanda is beautiful so far. We are staying in a little hotel across from the SIT center. I have only seen things in the dark so far but it has been very beautiful and very different from what I am used to. We arrived around 8:30 or so, got our bags, went to the hotel and then freshened up and went to dinner right down the road. Dinner was pretty tasty, nothing too different yet. We ate rice, veggies, beans, noodles, grilled banana and fried fish.

Walking outside at night was so peaceful feeling. It was 77 when we arrived and not humid at all! Where we are in Kigali was so quiet and calm. The road between our hotel and the restaurant looked over the heart of Kigali and even in the dark I could make out the hills underneath the dots of lights on buildings.

Some things that I noticed I am going to have to get used to after my first evening and night here are:

1. Guards with guns. I knew they were going to be here I just hadn’t thought about it until I saw them outside the airport. They did not scare me either it was just a moment when I realized “oh yeah, things are going to be very different here”

2. The birds squawking outside my window. It sounds like a tropical aviary hoard is sitting on my balcony right now. Hopefully I will sleep through them once I have adopted normal sleeping habits.

3. Living in a place where most people do not speak English. I also knew this was something that I was getting myself into but did not grasp it until we arrived at the Kigali Airport. I asked for a cart for luggage and was looked at like a crazy person by an airport employee. It is going to be interesting to try to interact with people before I learn Kinyarwanda. This will also help me learn it more quickly I hope. I have never been in a country where everything and everyone did not more or less accommodate myself and my culture.

Well, I guess I am going to try to nap before breakfast and my first real day in Kigali!! I will let you know how it goes.

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4 thoughts on “Day 1 in Rwanda!

  1. mom

    Just pretend you’re sleeping at the old house next to the aviary! Sounds so wonderful, even with all the differences. Very soon where you have come from will seem like the strange place in your life. Remember that I have never happily resettled back into the american way…..I’m afraid it’s in your blood to be happier in a larger world. Enjoy your first daylight views my little kt bug. I like to think you’re enroute on your natural migration….You could write about the adventures of Little KT Bug and become a world famous children’s author. Yes, I could see your books in classrooms and kids ordering them when scholastic flyers are sent home. Can’t wait to live this adventure with you, chapter by chapter.

    • mom

      Guess I hit the send button by accident while correcting an error of grammer. So anyway have something wonderfully delicious for breakfast. Mangoes and coffee should be a part of it! Most go and make my own coffee. LOL am sooo proud of you!!!

  2. mom

    Hey, I thought we might hear more from you. I will be joining the world of fb tonight so we can talk privately now and then if you’d like. Hope all is going well. I know from experience and thru clients who have lived in many different places that it can some times be a bit unsettling for awhile and not everyone will be welcoming of you at first, some not ever, but just be you and hang in there. You have alot to absorb in a very short time. I believe in you. I’ve given your blog to the school’s and various teachers from your past. Suncity is following you too! You have many fans here. I love you. Eat a mongo for me!!!

  3. Kendall

    What a great adventure you are on! Hope all that mission trip experience comes in handy. Look forward to hearing more from you and your adventure. Love you.

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